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APW waterjet training

After the high pressure pump is in place, during debugging and testing operation, waterjet system testing is one of the necessary steps.

System Testing

System Testing

The Hydraulic Oil System

Hydraulic oil should conform to the requirements of the hydraulic oil in "hydraulic requirements".
Press the stop button; shut off the power supply; turn down external power supply.
Measure the hydraulic oil by liquid temperature meter in order to see whether it comply with the requirements for equipment operation. The minimum limit of hydraulic oil is 80 L.
Remove the oil tube on the hydraulic oil pump.
Pour hydraulic oil into the pump. Rotate motor shaft by hand to release the air in the pump.
Due to transportation or installation, there may be loose of parts or components. Tighten all tubing joint and the fixed screw.

notice sign

If the hydraulic oil level is too low, it could cause defective operation and fast rise of hydraulic oil temperature.

Test Run

In the process of transportation or installation, it may cause some loose of parts or components.
Tighten all loose components and parts especially the components in the high pressure part.

Operation Panel

Check if the "oil pump" button, "high pressure" button and "stop" button are good or not.
The operation method should accord with "Operation".

Low Pressure Water System

Run the pump; check the water pressure on the pressure gauge whether it can reach 0.5 Mpa.
Check if the cooling water circuit is normal.
Check whether there is leakage point in low pressure water systems.

The Hydraulic Oil System

Run the oil pump motor for at least 15 minutes until the whole hydraulic system is completed with oil. The operation method should be according to "Operation".
Check whether there is a leakage in hydraulic fluid systems.

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