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water jet new product
APW New Product -- New Generation Fire Truck
China's first fire engine equipped with a waterjet cutter can shoot an ultra-powerful jet of water.
5-Aixs Cutting Head
5-Aixs Cutting Head -- High Cutting Capability
APW waterjet cutting machine with 5-axis cutting head can cut precise 3D shapes from virtually any material.
Waterjet Pump
New Pump is Coming!
Help Your Cutting Machine Faster! Easier! More Effective!
international business
We Do International Business!
Our product is very popular in the world. High quality machine makes us go farther in your area.
New machine production base
Welcome to our New Production Base
We build a new 600000 ft² production base and become the biggest water jet machine production base in China.

APW Waterjet:Professional Water Jet Cutting Solutions Provider

APW WATERJET owns the largest Chinese water jet manufacturing base, mainly engaging in the research and development of ultra-high pressure water jet cutting appliance. In here, we not only support professional water jet cutting solutions, but also high quality training and customizing service as well. Since a project´s start until its end, everything, everyone at APW are only focused on one thing that is YOU.

Choose APW waterjet cutting, trust our R&D ability.

Complete research system gives APW the ability of making a wide range of products. Until 2016, we have owned 7 series with more than 150 models of products. There-into, the cutting pump with "Dual Core" intensifier which firstly produced by APW leads whole industry go into the "Dual Core" era. Our 3D 5-axis cutting head makes processed material become the more exquisite artware. We invented China´s first water cutter fire truck and China´s first glass screen cutter for mobile phone, which approved our strong R&D ability in jet cutting application area.

Customize a water jet at APW is not only customize a waterjet.

We provide our customers customizing service. For each customer, we have exclusive salesperson and technician for YOU to follow YOUR order and solve YOUR problems. We also provide free cutting test and online cutting video tutorials for our customer.

Need free water jet cutting test? Click here contact us!

APW WATERJET, the largest water jet cutting machine manufacturer in China and one of four drafters of Chinese Water Jet Cutting Technology Standards, is your professional water jet cutting solutions provider. Choosing APW, you are choosing an international brand.

water jet cutting

Why Choose Us?

Choose APW waterjet cutting, we will bring five advantages for you...-->more detail

water jet cutting
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Why Choose Water Jet

Why Choose Water Jet?

It has unique advantage than other cutting ways...-->more detail

Why Choose Water Jet

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