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100 HP our special design product. It has two intensifiers, all of them are working to increase the water flow rate. It can cut thick materials more than 200mm.During the process, the cutting speed will be increased by 30%-50%. The final cutting effects are comparable with the intensifier owning 96000psi. It greatly reduces the maintenance cost. The newest design, The widest range, The biggest Power, The best efficiency, Strongest cutting ability. More suitable for heavy-duty industrial use for today's manufacturers.
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  • 100HP


  • 60000PSI


  • 7.4L/MIN


  • 0.45MM




APW waterjet integrated SIEMENS motor, imports REXROTH hydraulic Pump and hydraulic valves assembly, American A&V Intensifier, American high pressure tube and stainless steel water tank.

  • Made in USA Intensifier

  • Yuken Valve

  • Rexroth Hydraulic Pump

  • Omron PLC

  • Siemens Motor

  • AccuStream High Pressure Seal

  • U-ring from USA

  • Rexroth Valve


Product Specification Detail Parameters
Main Motor Power 100HP/75KW
Max. Working Pressure 420Mpa/60,000PSI
Continuous Working Pressure 380Mpa
Max. Water Discharge 7.2L/min
Max. Orifice Available 0.45mm
Working Temp 40℉(5℃)~104℉(40℃)
Storage Temp 36℉(2℃)~104℉(40℃)
Hydraulic Oil Tank Volume 200L
Power Supply *
Noise Level 75db(A)
Length 2100mm
Width 1270mm
Height 1420mm
Weight 1700KG
* We can make voltage according to customer requirements.
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