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A/B 5-Axis


AB 5 Axis / Cutting Angle: +/-12 degrees

Due to the loss of water flow energy, the traditional 3-axis waterjet has a large and small slope, which affects the efficiency and precision of cutting. The birth of the A/B 5-axis cutting head solves this problem perfectly. It compensates for the cutting inclination by changing the inclination angle of the cutter head to achieve the purpose of vertical cutting and negative angle cutting. At present, A/B 5-axis has been widely used in the field of stone processing and metal cutting.

Cutting Head

Design Features:

When the AB 5 axis cutting head is rotating, it takes the type of rotating directly instead of rotating in arc route which is easier and time-saving, at the same time it can solve the problem of abrasive pipe and cables mixing together

Absolute system:

AB 5 axis cutting head is equipped with two absolute value motors which can read the position of the motor at any time and has power-cut memory function. It can return to “Zero” point under any condition. You do not need to worry about the loss of the “Zero” point anymore because of loss of the power suddenly

Structure Features:

It is driven by harmonic drive reducer and the reduction ratio can reach 1:160. Harmonic reducer is compact, with high load capacity and high accuracy transmission. Two harmonic reducers equipped AB 5 axis cutting head moves more smoothly and can achieve better cutting accuracy for you

High control accuracy:

AB 5 axis cutting head is equipped with high precision mixing chamber and high precision nozzle body which makes the thread connector more accurate

Low Maintenance Cost:

Original rotary joint is replaced by the high pressure flexible pipe connections which can reduce the use of the consumable spare parts effectively, reduce the broken rate and maintenance cost

Easy Operation:

The almost same user interface as the ordinary CNC machines allows the users to operate easily. There is no difficult programs, no complex settings, you only need to set the angle, and then AB 5 axis cutting head can change the angle compensation automatically according to the drawings which is easier, more convenient and faster.

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