Preparation for waterjet purchase

The first thing we want to discuss is whether the operator is proficient and familiar with this waterjet cutting equipment? Is your operator also a programmer? Is it difficult to find programmers and operators? If it is difficult, using wisdom and talent to control more complex, difficult to master, computer-aided manufacturing and computer numerical control-based systems will greatly improve your productivity and commission work rate.

  If the operator operates more than one machine at the same time, auxiliary automatic operation technology should be used. For example, you can buy a cutting performance monitor from the manufacturer. If there is a deviation from the best performance, this monitor will automatically shut down the machine. If the size of the batch permits, the operator can also perform multi-layer cutting. In this way, the working time of the jet will be extended, but the production volume of the workpiece is also quite large. In fact, while the jet is cutting, the operator of the equipment can also operate another machine.

  Thirdly, in terms of packaging, suppliers can use many nested packaging. Although ordinary nested packages can create a nest for waterjet machines, in fact nested packages (and machine tool controls) designed for specific processes are usually more effective and easier to use than ordinary multi-process versions.

  Finally, it is worth noting that the preparatory work before purchasing equipment is to discuss all facility issues with the manufacturer. Basically, it includes the area of the land, the standard for the use of electricity, the standard for the use of water, compressed air, drainage devices, clean areas for high-pressure maintenance, programming office areas, and environmental temperature.