What information should be paid attention to when choosing a water cutting machine

The stable waterjet cutting machine has many advantages such as high efficiency cutting speed, accurate route, high precision and intelligent integrated operation. It can cut soft materials such as food, paper, rubber and foam cotton, but if a small amount is added The sandstone Shenzhen can cut some metals, so it is very popular among major manufacturers. However, with the increasing number of service centers and agents for waterjet cutting machines in the market, it is particularly important for us as users to identify waterjet cutting machines with reliable service and good equipment installation quality from the numerous waterjet cutting machine agent centers. stand up. The following editor will give you a brief introduction to some information points that should be paid attention to when choosing a water jet cutting machine.
Information 1: Performance and basic parameters
The working efficiency and operational stability of the water cutting machine are directly related to the performance of the equipment itself, and the performance of the equipment can often be directly presented by its basic parameter information. Therefore, when choosing a water jet cutting machine, we must first have a detailed understanding of its basic parameters, especially the equipment's cutting rate, energy consumption, current pressure difference, production line compatibility, and motor noise index. If the quality of the water cutting machine is reliable and the performance is guaranteed, then all parameters are naturally showing the best results (such as low energy consumption, low noise, fast heat dissipation, large cutting rate range and other specific parameter information).

Information 2: User Evaluation of Cutting Machine
To identify a professional and reliable water jet cutting machine repair center, you can first understand its scale and basic information of the manufacturer, such as consulting relatives and friends or going to professional corporate websites, forums, etc. to check the establishment time, office address and size of the organization , The total amount of invested capital, the number of professional water cutting machine technicians, etc. If the water jet cutting machine organization has the strength, it will naturally be able to easily learn information from multiple channels.

Information 3: The time when the scale was established
Identifying the reliability of the water jet cutting machine mechanism can naturally also be directly compared and screened by many users on the market for their service quality, door-to-door efficiency, water jet cutting machine service price, maintenance quality and other specific relevant comments. As long as there is a good business service process on the market, and advocates customer-oriented service, and provides high-efficiency and high-quality water cutting machine services, manufacturers will naturally be able to quickly gain praise and recognition from the majority of users in the market, and quickly own a batch of Loyal users and partners.

Information 4: Technology Source
Domestic waterjet technology is generally imported from abroad. Foreign waterjet manufacturers have different technologies, so before purchasing, it is best to consult domestic manufacturers whose technologies are based on foreign manufacturers. Paying attention to the history of the foreign manufacturer, the historical reputation of the product, and the popularity of the market will be of great help to the provision of accessories in the future.