What factors affect the cutting accuracy of waterjet processing?

According to a large number of statistical survey data, waterjet processing relies on superb cutting technology to cross multiple fields of operation, whether it is non-combustible material processing industry or flammable and explosive material processing industry has its application. For example, many portable small waterjets can cut a variety of complex geometric shapes. Now we will briefly summarize which factors affect the cutting accuracy of waterjet processing.
1. Sheet material
According to a large number of statistical data, it is shown that both soft and hard materials can be accurately cut with the help of waterjet processing, but there are still slight differences in the control of cutting accuracy for sheets of different materials. Take metal material cutting as an example. This kind of metal material has a smooth, hard and thick texture, and the accuracy of cutting with a water jet cutting machine can be controlled within a small range without any reflection or edge loss.

2. Sheet thickness
The thickness of the sheet material will also greatly affect the cutting accuracy of the waterjet processing. If the cutting thickness is less than the standard in the cutting manual, at the same time, the compensation speed and the cutting speed are regulated according to the standard SOP. This high standard operation can cut The accuracy is improved to a higher level. Conversely, if the thickness of the sheet is very thick, this may cause the target distance of the water flow to change, which may cause a change in accuracy.

3. Cutting speed
The cutting speed and cutting accuracy of waterjet processing are in a complementary relationship. Generally speaking, if the cutting speed is too high, it may easily cause the edge of the water jet to wear and affect the cutting accuracy; of course, if the cutting speed is too slow, it is not conducive to the edge formation of the article. Therefore, it is very important to choose the corresponding cutting speed for articles of different materials. The essential.