Waterjet cutters are used in many fields

The application field of waterjet cutting technology is very wide, and it will be used in many industries that need cutting or precision grinding. Today, we will summarize it systematically, including the following areas, they are:

(1) In the advertising field we are familiar with, the cutting of various titanium alloys and stainless steel characters requires this technology for cutting. In addition, the cutting of various advertising graphics also requires this technology to complete.

(2) The electronic field that we understand: circuit board application also requires the cooperation of cutting technology to complete.

(3) In our great aerospace field, the cutting of chromium-nickel alloys, composite materials, titanium alloys, aluminum alloys and other materials is also accomplished by waterjet cutting technology.

(4) The processing of hardwood, plywood, and composite boards in various wood processing industries also requires technology at this time to proceed smoothly.

(V) In various construction and decoration fields: granite, cement products, gypsum, ceramic tiles, marble, sound insulation materials, mineral wool and other materials are also widely used to complete this technology.

(6) The processing of rearview mirrors, covers, instrument panels, interior parts, rubber parts, seals, etc. in the automotive field is also processed by waterjet cutting technology.

(7) The processing of the formation of copper, aluminum, gears, castings, stainless steel, glass fiber reinforced plastics, etc. in the field of machinery and shipbuilding is also completed by this technology.

(8) The processing of composite glass, organic glass, special-shaped cutting and laminated glass in the field of glass is also completed by this technology.

(9) The processing of aramid in the important military industry is also successfully completed by water cutting technology.

(10) The processing of various floor leathers, corrugated paper, printing paper, clothing, leather, and carpets in the paper and textile industries is also completed by this technology.

(11) The processing of insulation materials, electrical cabinets, and bakelite boards in the power industry also requires extensive use of this technology to complete various cutting tasks.

(12) All kinds of radial tire cross-section cutting and rubber sheet processing in the chemical industry are also done with waterjet cutting technology.