What are the areas used by waterjet cutters?

For tens of millions of years, the magnificent scene formed by the erosion and erosion of water on the earth's surface has long been commonplace, and the traditional idiom "water dripping through the stones" has also directly revealed that the weak current in people's eyes uses this huge potential. With the development of modern technology, waterjet cutting machines have used the principle of "dropping water through stones" amazingly, and high-quality waterjet cutting machines have been widely used in many industries and have demonstrated their superior advantages.
I. In the aviation manufacturing industry

Initially the aerospace industry used waterjet cutters to cut soft materials such as soft plastics, carpets, foam and fabric seats. Later, waterjet and sand cutting technology came out, which can cut high-precision cutting solutions such as carbon fiber composite materials, aluminum and its alloys, stainless steel, titanium and its alloys, so that it can be used to cut aircraft fuselage and tail, Wing sections, turbine blades, switchboards, sheet metal parts with thickness, and rubber and plastic parts that require a smooth and flat cut surface without delamination.

2. Metal processing

Among the many cutting methods, the waterjet cutting machine belongs to a special cold state. By using the kinetic energy of the abrasive water jet to cut the metal to achieve the cutting purpose, there is no chemical change in the cutting process, and it has no effect on the material performance. No thermal deformation, narrow slit, high precision, smooth cut surface, clean without pollution.

3. Stone and ceramic industry

The main processing machinery in the ceramic stone industry is widely used. Its distinguishing feature is the complete curve cutting of ceramic stone. The stable quality waterjet cutting machine includes some large and complicated tedious cutting applications.

4. In the paper, textile and electronics industry

The paper industry uses a water-knife cutting machine to roll and cut the kraft paper, corrugated box board, etc. without dust pollution. In the electronics industry, it is used for cutting electronic screen glass and contour cutting of printed circuit boards. The textile industry uses a waterjet cutter to cut multiple layers of fabric, which can improve cutting efficiency and reduce edge damage.

In addition to the several fields mentioned above, the waterjet cutting machine technology can be applied from metal materials to non-metal materials, from natural materials to man-made materials, and even food and daily necessities. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to call the waterjet cutting machine the "omnipotent cutting machine of the 21st century".