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Standard TABLE

If you want to know more types or want to know more details about APW water jet cutting machine. Please contact us without any hesitation.

Fully-Enclosed Cutting Platform

Has many advantages over standarded platform, dust-free, water-proof and lower working noise. ..

High Frame Bridge Style Platform

Longer Z axis travel distance, such as 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm and even 1m which is designed for very thick soft materials such as form, rubber, plastic and more softener materials...

All stainless steel platform

Good looking waterjet model, rust-proof and long working service. The CNC Control system and the cutting table are complete one which makes this model more advanced. ...
creative works

AC 5 axis

Get the most versatile, Accurate Cuts

By using a cutting head with true five axes, cones can be cut, holes can be drilled into tubes and ribbed/beveled edges can be produced. While such flexible systems come at a price, they can be used in the most advanced cutting applications. We sold many sets of AC 5 axis all over the world these years to cut complex metal parts with sharp angles, unusual shapes. Some use it to cut 45.5°to make marble benchtops By configuring 3D Alma software, 3D shapes can be cut also.and ect.

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