What are the reasons for the popularity of waterjet cutting machines

The waterjet cutting machine is the machine with the highest production capacity in the world. This equipment is relatively unfamiliar to the general public, but in the professional field, it is a high-level production machine with high work efficiency. So, what are the reasons why water jet cutters are favored by people? Below, the editor of the low-cost water jet cutting machine company will share the experience
1. Cold cutting
The water cutter is by far the most efficient cutting machine in the world. Compared with similar machines, you will find that its biggest advantage is that the power used is converted into water energy. The effect of water pressure and water flow makes the machine produce energy. Cut the target material, so it is a cold cut during the cutting process. The cold cutting of the water jet cutting machine does not generate any heat on the surface of the raw material. Compared with other laser or flame cutting principles, the surface damage to the material is zero. The editor of the water cutting machine company tells you to take the flame cutting machine as an example. If the flame cutting machine is used for raw material processing, the heat held by the flame will affect the cutting surface of the cut raw material and even the physical structure of the entire material. Carry out damage.

Second, the slit is narrow
Compared with laser cutting and other machines, the cutting seam of the water jet cutting machine is narrow and the accuracy is high. It does not need to polish or correct the cut surface. The cut surface is lubricated, regular, and there is no unevenness. With the intervention of high technology, the parameters of the water jet cutting machine when cutting the target raw material can be adjusted for errors, and the cutting accuracy is a standard that other general cutting machines cannot reach.

Three, clean and pollution-free
The water cutting machine is clean and pollution-free. It can be seen from two aspects. From the perspective of the overall environment, compared to the flame cutting machine, the water cutting machine uses pure natural water energy to generate energy for work. Contaminated liquid or gas is a kind of environmentally friendly machinery and equipment with high productivity. On the other hand, compared to other cutting machines, the water cutting machine is easy to operate, and its working process is relatively clean. Water itself is a green and pollution-free natural power, and there is no physical or chemical structure for the cut raw materials. It does not produce contaminant derivatives.