Waterjet cutting is a process without heat effect

Water cutting is a metal that uses high-pressure water jet as a medium to cut. Its strong cutting ability and cutting adaptability are the main aspects that attract consumers. It should be known that water cutting is a process without heat effect, which not only does not deform, but also obtains a smooth cutting surface. For the entire waterjet, the waterjet head is the outlet of the high-pressure water, which directly interacts with the material during cutting, so make sure that the cutting material has been placed flat, otherwise the cutting sand tube is prone to damage, which will cause high pressure in severe cases. Water leaks, resulting in personal injury.
When the water cutting is completed, remember to turn off the high-pressure water switch first, or turn off the high pressure before taking the material. Especially during an emergency power outage, high-pressure water will remain in the high-pressure system, and the remaining high-pressure water will spray out when you call, so do not approach the cutting head at this time. After reconnecting the power supply of the waterjet, the residual high-pressure water needs to be removed before normal operation.

Normally, the maintenance and maintenance of related facilities should be done well, and the super long level can be exerted only when it is really working, so as to improve the quality of water cutting. Regarding the maintenance of the waterjet high-pressure generator, the requirement is to change the hydraulic oil for half a year and clean the oil tank, and clean the empty e-filter while cleaning the oil tank. At the same time, we must always pay attention to the temperature in the waterjet equipment, such as whether the cooling installation can be actively started, and whether the temperature of the cooling water is less than 30 degrees); there are also observations of the liquid used for water cutting. When the liquid level is close to the lower limit, it should be replenished in time to maintain Stable and sufficient liquid.