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APW Waterjet Cutting Solutions provides the best CNC software and technology for you with the professional waterjet cutting solutions service to cut linoleum, granite, tiles, glass, and metal.

Waterjet Cutting Solutions

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APW WATERJET: Professional Waterjet Cutting Solutions Provider

A Waterjet Built for You

APW WATERJET, the largest China waterjet manufacturer, provides high quality waterjet cutting solutions service and builds your persional own waterjet at any budget, no matter the application.

3-D Cutting

If you want to cut 3D material, you can use AC 5-axis cutting head. By using AC 5-axis cutting head, you can cut cones from flat sheets, drill holes into tubes or produce ribbed/beveled edges. It fulfills arbitrary curved surface machining like the oblique, vertical, conical surface, circular surface, rotating surface etc.

Sloping Cutting

If you want to cut sloped material or thick material need to think about angle compensation, you should use AB 5-axis cutting head or 4-axis cutting head. In the inlay industry, when the tilting angle of the cutting head is 4, the kerfs section will change a lot. By the compensation of angle during cutting, the cutting kerfs will be a reversed taper. When two pieces of cutting parts are matching together, the top surfaces won't have aperture but the bottom surfaces do. In this way, the twice manual polishing will be saved, which reduces the processing cost and enhances the working efficiency. With this improved AB 5-axis cutting head or 4-axis cutting head design, it is no longer a difficult technique in stone matching. It makes complex traditional stone matching become an easy work. The quality of stone pattern has had a great improvement and solved the technical problem of splicing technology at the same time.

Need more effective

A16+B Pump: There are 2 intensifiers in the A16+B pump. These two intensifiers are able to work alternately, which makes the machine can run 24h*7d. It is because if one of these two intensifiers broken down, the machine can use the other intensifiers quickly without any wasting time on waiting for repairing the pump. It increases the working efficiency.

A16*2 Pump: There are 2 intensifiers in A16*2 pump. These 2 intensifiers work at the same time. During the process, the cutting speed will be increased by 30%-50%. Even though, the psi on the each intensifier is not changed (60000pis), in most application areas, the final cutting effects are comparable with the intensifier owning 96000pis. On the other side, Our A16*2 pump using the same quick-wear parts with regular waterjet parts, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost.

Cutting Fragile Material

When cutting fragile material, except thinking about the cutting skills, we need to focus on the machine structure to reduce the opportunity of breaking material. Our Cutting Machine with Hydraulic Lifter will solve this problem perfectly. This cutting machine integrates material loading/unloading and CNC waterjet cutting function in one system. This semi-automatic production streamline significantly reduces the material broken rate during loading/unloading, and lowers the workload of the operations.

Cutting Ultra-Thickness Material

The normal material will less than 150mm. But if you want to cut ultra-thickness material maybe 200mm, what would you do?
You can choose High Frame Bridge Style Table!
High Frame Bridge Style Table: It is widely used for the special material, like the high 3D material or the thickness material. The height can be increased to 300mm.

APW supports waterjet cutting solutions, which will help you rather than let you fit them. Please contact us without any hesitation if you have any question. Get your own waterjet cutting solutions today!

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