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How does waterjet cutting solve the processing requirements that are difficult to complete by traditional methods

Waterjet cutting is not as efficient as plasma cutting and flame cutting, but the cutting quality is much higher than plasma cutting. Water cutting is a kind of cold cutting, which will not have any adverse effects on the cut material. Using numerical con


What factors affect the cutting depth and surface roughness value of the waterjet cutting machine?

In the metal cutting process, the cutting process of the waterjet cutting machine is a relatively ideal cutting technology, and the choice of waterjet accessories for the waterjet cutting machine is one of the problems that must be faced. The change of an


How much influence does waterjet sand have on the service life of waterjet sand pipes?

For waterjet, waterjet sand and waterjet sand pipe are its common consumables. In contrast, the price of waterjet sand pipe is much higher. Under normal circumstances, the service life of a waterjet sand pipe is about 150 hours, but due to certain factors


Do you know the accuracy that can be achieved by waterjet cutting

For waterjet cutting, its main advantage is in cutting thickness and accuracy. Now take the CNC cutting machine as an example to make a simple analysis of these two aspects, as follows。


What are the structural components of the waterjet cutting machine?

The waterjet cutting machine is a cutting equipment that uses ultra-high pressure water jets to perform cold cutting. It is mainly composed of a high-pressure pump, a CNC machining platform, a jet cutting head, a sand supply system and a cooling system.


Popularize the daily maintenance of waterjet cutting machine

The good use of waterjet cutting machine and careful and perfect maintenance will reduce the maintenance cost of water cutting machine platform. Today we will popularize the main points of the daily maintenance of water jet cutting machine

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