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Points that can not be ignored in waterjet cutting

The waterjet cutting efficiency is reduced; the pressure drop is small, although the energy consumption is reduced, but the cutting speed becomes slower and the efficiency is reduced; if the pressure is lower, even "jet flooding" will occur.


Introduction of factors affecting the service life of waterjet sand pipes

The structure of the waterjet sand tube is very simple, basically composed of two sections, namely a cone-shaped population and a column-shaped outlet, and its size is slightly different due to different uses.


Do you know the precautions in the process of waterjet cutting compensation?

When the waterjet cutting machine is cutting, the trajectory of the cutting path according to the CNC command is the theoretical size. The actual cutting size will have a slight offset. This is because there is a slit during cutting, and the slit is the p


Waterjet cutting is a process without heat effect

Water cutting is a metal that uses high-pressure water jet as a medium to cut. Its strong cutting ability and cutting adaptability are the main aspects that attract consumers. It should be known that water cutting is a process without heat effect, which n


How much does the waterjet sand affect the service life of the waterjet sand tube?

For waterjets, waterjet sand and waterjet sand tubes are their common consumables, compared to the price of waterjet sand tubes. Under normal circumstances, the service life of the waterjet sand tube is about 150 hours, but due to certain factors in the a


Consumption of sand tube during waterjet work

Waterjet cutting is very hard. The mold of the waterjet is an "L" shaped "tubular" object. The water will impact the wall of the L-bend during the process of turning through the L-bend and cause the loss of the mold. The non-wearing of

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