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The next step for the waterjet cutting machine industry

With the increase in material cutting requirements and the increase in cutting volume, the entire cutting industry is also continuously developing, and the promotion of waterjet cutting machines is also completed in this situation. By the same token, the


Why are waterjet cutting machines more and more popular in various processing industries? After seeing you know

Waterjet cutting is high-pressure water jet cutting. High-pressure jets (about three times the speed of sound) are formed by natural water through holes that do not exceed 0.1-0.8 mm. Cut the items. Water cutting is used in various industries. So why are


Waterjet cutting tips

When the waterjet cuts materials with a thickness less than 2.5, the output of using a medium (50HP) or large (60 to 80HP) cutting head is not high. If desired, use a small parameter set (25HP) and consider using multi-head cutting to increase yield.


The difference between ultra high pressure waterjet and portable waterjet

Ultra-high-pressure waterjet water cutting is also called high-pressure waterjet cutting equipment. Due to continuous innovation and improvement of technology, the company's 3-axis 4-axis 5-axis waterjet equipment has been widely used, mainly used in cera


Do you know! In which industries can waterjet be applied?

Waterjet, which uses water as a knife, is called high-pressure water jet cutting technology. This technology originated in the United States. Used in aerospace military industry. It is favored because its cold cutting will not change the physical and chem


Operation skills of seam compensation for waterjet cutting machine

When cutting with a waterjet cutter, the trajectory of the cutting path according to the numerical control instructions is the theoretical size.The actual cutting size will be slightly offset. This is because there is a slit during cutting, and the slit i

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