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There are also two major categories of waterjet parquet

As waterjets became more and more known, many manufacturing companies also started to use them. Waterjet parquet is mainly used in stone, metal, etc., so today I will introduce you to the two main categories of waterjet parquet.


Is the tile mosaic effective with a water knife?

The ceramic tiles come into our lives, and the technology is also climbing the peak. Some simple patterns have been processed by their various technologies to bring us a bright effect. Look at the latest technical waterjet parquet effect!


How to calculate the processing error of waterjet cutting machine in the processing

The processing error of the waterjet cutting machine is based on the design of the X-axis and Y-axis, and it also needs to be judged according to the stitching effect of the finished pattern. Therefore, the water jet cutting machine generally starts from


Waterjet cutters are used in many fields

The application field of waterjet cutting technology is very wide, and it will be used in many industries that need cutting or precision grinding. Today, we will summarize it systematically, including the following areas, they are:


Ten important and easily overlooked suggestions in the use of waterjet

In the process of using the waterjet cutting machine, it is often used to reduce some steps in the regular maintenance. The impact may not be obvious in the short term. If you do not pay attention and correct it, it will cause some damage to the water jet


Waterjet parquet processing process

The process of waterjet parquet processing is to input the pattern shape to be processed into the computer of the waterjet cutting machine through the waterjet cutting machine, and then cut through the cutting track scanned by the computer. After the patt

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