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If you want to know more types or want to know more details about APW water jet cutting machine.
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APW company’s most popular model: 3020BA

The overall structure design of the cutting platform is reasonable

Widely used in marble and granite cutting, metal cutting. Bridge style cutting platform makes the structure more robust and stable. X axis 3m, Y axis 2m effective cutting area is nearly enough to load most of the stone work piece. APW company usually have this type in stock and can arrange the machine delivery in a week.

Structure Bridge Style
Control System AC Servo Control
Control Accuracy ±0.01mm
Repeatable Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm
X axis Max.moving Speed 10m/min
Y axis Max.moving speed 10m/min
Z axis Max.moving speed 1m/min
Way of drive AC servo motor
Power of Supply AC 220V 50Hz/60Hz
Power rate <5KW
Load Capacity 500KG/㎡
Model X axis(mm) Y axis(mm) Z axis(mm)
3020BA/2030BA 3000MM/2000MM 2000MM/3000MM 150MM
2515BA/1525BA 2500/1500MM 1500MM/2500MM 150MM
2015BA/1520BA 2000/1500MM 1500MM/2000MM 150MM
2040BA/4020BA 2000/4000MM 4000MM/2000MM 150MM
2060BA 2000MM 6000MM 150MM
2080BA 2000MM 8000MM 150MM
creative works

AB 5 Axis

Full Automatic, specially designed for marble medallions making. By using a cutting head with AB five axis, 0-12 degree cutting angle can be achieved. Due to the nature of energy decrease during cutting, 3 axis waterjet usually leads to a wider kerf at the topof the cut cross-section and a narrower kerf width at the bottom of the zone. AB 5 axis is the best solution for this. By adding the compensation during cutting, AB 5 axis helps you to get reversed”V” shape to let top surface match well and bottom space to put glue.

APW company’s most Popular 50HP pump

It is suitable for most of your cutting applications. Metal, stone, glass, composites, plastic, rubber and so on. Its maximum pressure is 420Mpa, for metal,can cut up to 100mm, for stone can cut up to 150mm. What do you want to cut, please contact with us for more ...



Main Motor Power 50Hp/37KW
Max.working pressure 420Mpa/60000PSI
Continuous working pressure 340-360Mpa
Hydraulic Oil Tank Volume 102L
Max.water discharge 3.7L/min
Max. Orifice Size 0.33mm
Power Supply 380V/50Hz/3PH
Noise Level 75db(A)
Length 1745mm
Width 1045mm
Height 1350mm
Weight 1200KG


Interface Personalization Possibility to set-up a generic image on the main page (for instance the builder’s logo), to define the PLC keys menu, and to control from the PLC the displaying of totally configurable and interactive windows

Retrace Mode

Designed to use in order to reposition the cutting head at any point on the profile which has already been processedAcquisition and automatic management of plate misalignment
Flexible Management of the ProductionPossibility to suspend the current operation, to begin another and, at the end, to restart the first one automaticallyDRF Modus


If you want to know more types or want to know more details about APW water jet cutting machine. Please contact us without any hesitation.
Oil Chiller
New Auto Abrasive Delivery
Water Deionization
Sludge Removal
Dynamic Height Adjustment
Anticollision Sensor
Oil Chiller
It is used for cooling hydraulic fluid, improving working condition, extending working hours and operating life.
New Auto Abrasive Delivery
With the new design, the new auto abrasive delivery system allows operator to add abrasive even during the machine working. It avoids to stop working for adding abrasive, which largely increases the working efficiency and reduces the energy consumption during operation.

Water Deionization
It can remove the impurity from water. It is very necessary if the water quality is not good enough. Using it can reduce the rate of equipment corrosion and extend the life of waterjet.

Sludge Removal
Specifically designed to continuously remove spent garnet from the waterjet catcher tank. It is convenient to recycle abrasive and indirect saving cost greatly.
Dynamic Height Adjustment
It is widely used during processing the uneven surface material to ensure the high cutting quality and protect cutting head from touching material.
Anticollision Sensor
Anticollision sensor can prevent unexpected collision. Using this one, we can give cutting head a better protection and reduce unexpected cost.

  • Seal Ring

    Parts Code: 110-20197-0101
    Parts Name: seal ring
    Parts Info:

  • Servo Drive

    Parts Code: 201-00058-01
    Parts Name: servo drive
    Parts Info:

  • Servo Motor

    Parts Code: 201-00071-01
    Parts Name: servo motor
    Parts Info:

  • Straight Coupling

    Parts Code: 110-20149-0101
    Parts Name: straight coupling
    Parts Info:

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