What are the hot questions about waterjet cutting equipment

Many people do not know about waterjet cutting. It is a modern cutting method different from traditional cutting methods. It is different from traditional cutting methods in that it greatly avoids errors in the cutting process, such as manual cutting errors or machine cutting. On the one hand, it retains the high level of cutting speed and on the other hand expands the cut materials. So what are the hot issues about waterjet cutting equipment?
1. What is CNC waterjet
The CNC waterjet is a plane cutting machine tool that combines an ultra-high pressure water jet generator and a two-dimensional CNC machining platform. It raises the pressure of the water flow to a high enough level, so that the water flow has great kinetic energy and can penetrate chemical fibers, Wood, leather, rubber, etc., mixed with a certain proportion of abrasives in high-speed water flow, can penetrate almost all hard materials such as ceramics, stone, glass, metals, alloys, etc. Under the guidance of the two-dimensional numerical control processing platform, start or end processing at any position of the material, and move at an appropriate speed according to the set track to realize the plane cutting of any graphics.

2. What are the characteristics and advantages of CNC waterjet
Compared with the traditional "hot" cutting process, the ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine uses water as the cutting medium, which is a "cold" cutting process. No thermal deformation during cutting avoids the physical and chemical changes of the material. The waterjet is widely adapted to the cutting processing of various materials. It is known as a cutting machine and has reliable performance. The waterjet cut is smooth and flat without burrs, and generally does not need to be processed again. It is controlled by the CNC system The cutting precision is high, and the processing process will not produce waste that pollutes the environment.