Waterjet is a new way of cutting metal

Taking metal cutting as an example, various processing methods coexist, including tool processing, laser, flame cutting (plasma cutting), EDM, wire cutting, and water cutting. Various cutting methods have their own advantages, but also have certain limitations, each occupying a part of the market. However, in many cutting methods, as long as the waterjet cutting is cold cutting, the kinetic energy of the abrasive water jet is directly applied to stop the cutting of the metal and reach the cutting purpose. There is no chemical change during the cutting process, and it has no effect on the physical and chemical properties of the cutting material. No thermal deformation, narrow slit, high precision, bright cut surface, clean and pollution-free, etc., can process materials that are impossible or difficult to process with traditional processing and other processing methods, such as glass, ceramics, composite materials, reflective materials, chemical fibers, and heat sensitive data. With the further deepening of people's understanding of water cutting technology, the market has gradually realized the common advantages of water cutting technology in the metal cutting industry. Take laser cutting as an example. In thin plate cutting, laser is better than water cutting in terms of cutting speed. However, for metal cutting above 16mm, using laser law requires high investment, and there is still a certain amount of heat around the laser cutting materials. In the affected area, the thickness of waterjet cutting metal materials can generally reach more than 30mm-100mm, and there is no impact on the materials, and the waterjet has no restrictions on the cutting materials. Combining these elements, many users who originally chose laser or other cutting wrists turned to water cutters.

At present, the "waterjet" CNC platform mostly adopts the fine transmission technology of ball screw and rolling linear guide, and the control accuracy is within +0.02mm. At the same time, the focusing performance of the nozzle of the sand water jet and the cutting head and the short-lived nozzle information The technology breaks through the continuous and stable operation of the 400Mpa high-power ultra-high pressure system, the automatic sand supply and sand control, and the high-pressure water start and stop control system to make the "water jet" capable of continuous cutting and automatic processing for 24 hours.

"Waterjet cutting machine" has both powerful computer-aided design and control functions, especially when cutting "corners and sharp corners", it automatically decelerates to reduce the impact of tail flicking during cutting, and makes the cutting surface bright and sophisticated. "Knife" cutting has the characteristics of "grinding", which makes the "waterjet" greatly changed and improved in cutting quality and efficiency, and can be directly used for forming and cutting of metal parts.