High-pressure waterjet deburring and trimming

In the process of die-casting production, due to factors such as pressure impact and insufficient clamping force, the occurrence of burrs in die-casting parts is inevitable. Although the small thing is small, burrs directly affect the quality of the product. The quality requirements are increasing day by day, and the requirements for burrs are also more stringent. At present, the effect of using high-pressure water jet on the deburring of die-casting parts on the market has been affirmed by most users. More and more industrial intelligent equipment is gradually replacing manual labor. Intelligent programming operation realizes automatic processing.

Features of using high pressure water jet to deburr:

1. The numerical control waterjet adopts numerical control programming, which has a good effect on removing irregular cast iron burrs.
2. Casting burrs are usually very close to the body. For example, flame cutting machines have low accuracy and thermal deformation. The slits of plasma cutting are wide, and the removal of edge burrs can easily damage the casting body. Waterjets are cold cutting and cutting. The seam is small and the precision is high, so it is easier to get close to the body to remove the root burrs.
3. If cutting copper castings, the first choice should be high pressure water jet cutting.
4. The high-pressure water jet uses its instantaneous impact force to remove burrs and flashes generated after processing. It is highly energy-efficient, clean and environmentally friendly, no chemical pollution, simple operation, and does not require secondary cleaning, and has a wide range of applications.