What are the common types of waterjet products

There are many excellent processing equipment in the modern processing industry. Waterjet products that use ultra-high pressure devices to use the speed of water for cutting are one of the most popular processing tools. At present, many processing companies have a strong interest in this new cutting equipment, so let's introduce to users what are the common types of waterjet products.

1. Ultra high pressure
Since many companies with processing as their main business have greater demand for cutting work, they usually attach great importance to the efficiency of the product when choosing cutting equipment. At present, the products of ultra-high-pressure waterjet manufacturers with large sales in the market adopt high-pressure devices from the United States, which can spray water with a faster flow rate and better cutting efficiency. It is a product that is very suitable for long-term high-intensity work among current waterjet products Types of.

2. Portable
In addition to ultra-high pressure products that can perform efficient cutting work, many manufacturers have also developed portable waterjet products that can be carried around with them. This product is suitable for all kinds of small cutting jobs that need to be performed outdoors. It cannot be compared with high-pressure products in cutting efficiency, but it has unique advantages in terms of flexibility.

Three, robot type
In recent years, industrial enterprises have begun to come into contact with various types of automated production equipment. Robot waterjets are based on ultra-high pressure products and use chips and programs to automatically control the processing flow of equipment. The robotic waterjet can instantly turn complex three-dimensional cutting into a simple and easy task through powerful program control, which also represents the future development trend of this cutting product.