What to troubleshoot when the water jet fails

The waterjet has an important position in the cutting industry. "The treasure knife will rust even though it is good." Products with excellent quality will have unexpected small problems when used under long-term load. After the waterjet fails, the reputation will be better and better. The rest assured waterjet repair company will provide self-inspection opinions in advance in addition to going to the door for repairs. You don’t need to bother to ask the waterjet repair company to come to your door for minor faults and minor problems. Make a decision after self-inspection. The content has the following aspects.
1. Self-check the water pressure of the water pipe connected by the water jet
Water pressure is a major element to ensure the normal operation of the waterjet. Sometimes the failure of the waterjet is not due to the damage of the parts, but the water pressure problem. The water pressure of the water pipe is too small to work, and the water supply cannot be reached. If the water output of the knife is too small, the cutting effect will be greatly reduced, or the water valve will be closed or damaged. In these cases, the water jet maintenance company does not need to repair, and the water pressure is not enough. Installing a booster can solve the problem of too low water pressure.

2. Self-check power switch and waterjet circuit
The circuit contains power supply and wiring, and the water jet cannot be used at all if the circuit fails. It is necessary to check the power supply. Some users do not even turn on the power supply. Of course, the water jet cannot work normally. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the voltage is too large and the fuse is burned out, causing the water jet to fail to work. The wiring should also be inspected. Whether the wiring that does not meet the waterjet voltage is used, causing the wire to burn out, is very important. If the wire does not meet the standard, it will cause the internal damage of the waterjet machine. At this time, waterjet repair is required. The workers performed repairs.

3. Water pipes and water pipe parts
The waterjet needs to be connected to a water pipe to be used, so you must check whether there is a problem with the water pipe, whether there is water leakage at the interface, whether the water pipe is damaged by other objects, and the water pipe leaks due to wear, so that the waterjet cannot be used normally. It is relatively simple. Self-inspection can find out that if the water pipe is broken, go to the waterjet repair shop to buy a replacement water pipe that meets the specifications.