What problems should be paid attention to when purchasing waterjet products

In the cutting process of traditional metal cutting equipment for physical production processing, the super-high temperature generated during cutting often causes processing deformation at the cut of the processed workpiece. Many companies plagued by this problem are actively looking for alternative products in the market that can improve the deformation problem. At present, many companies are extremely optimistic about waterjet cutting equipment that does not produce overheating effects and has high cut smoothness. So when buying this kind of waterjet product that has good cutting accuracy and will not cause secondary damage to the workpiece, what aspects should be paid attention to?

1. Pay attention to your own needs
At present, with the strong demand of users for high-pressure waterjet products, manufacturers have been able to produce a rich product line according to the different use conditions of users. When purchasing waterjet products, users need to screen and choose according to their actual needs for cutting. For users with a large amount of processing, they can choose ultra-high-pressure products that have high processing efficiency and can adapt to long-term and high-intensity workloads. For outdoor workloads Many users can choose a portable, flexible and compact product. Purchasing this product according to the needs of use allows users to purchase suitable water jet cutting tools at a reasonable price.

2. Pay attention to the price of the product
At present, the price of waterjet products on the market also varies greatly according to different types. At present, the higher prices belong to the robot waterjet products that can realize automatic processing. This kind of product has extremely high performance when processing complex three-dimensional models. The degree of completion, but its price is also extremely amazing. Therefore, users should also choose such cutting products with moderate prices according to their actual budget.

Three, pay attention to product after-sales problems
The difference between waterjet products that use high-speed water flow to achieve cutting operations and traditional cutting equipment is mainly that this product will not wear out the hardware due to high temperature under working conditions, but this does not mean that waterjet manufacturers The product will not have quality problems. Under normal circumstances, the core ultra-high pressure device of this product has a high failure rate, and the water cutting device can cut various materials mainly depends on the strong power generated by this high-pressure device, so you should negotiate with the manufacturer when purchasing The question of whether the after-sales time of core components needs to be extended is an extremely necessary matter.