The change of water jet velocity during waterjet cutting and the maintenance of waterjet high pressure generator

waterjet uses the action of water jet to cut and break objects. In the cutting action of water jet, when the water jet touches the object, its speed will change, but I don’t know what it is. The way to make changes. And for the waterjet, how should its high-pressure generator be maintained?
When the pressure in the waterjet reaches a certain height, the water will flow out of the nozzle of the waterjet and shoot on the object at a super high speed, thereby producing an impact on it. But when the impact is generated, it will also cause a sudden change in the jet velocity, which will cause a sudden change in the internal pressure of the water droplet state and the internal stress field of the contact point material, which will damage the object.
In other words, the action of the water jet droplets of the water jet and the object are mutual. When the droplets act on the surface of the object, only in the first stage can the jet remain flat. Once it touches the solid matter, it will move freely. . Therefore, the speed of the water jet of the water jet changes at the moment it touches the object.
Since the water jet is a tool with a very powerful cutting ability, it can be used for cutting various materials. In addition to important accessories such as sand pipes and nozzles, high-pressure generators are also indispensable in water jets. An important part that is missing. To ensure the safety in the water cutting process, the normal operation of the high-pressure generator is one of the conditions, and one of the measures to prevent problems is to pay attention to maintenance.
The specific things to be done include frequently checking whether the cooling device of the waterjet high-pressure generator is automatically activated, so that the cooling water temperature is kept within the specified range; at the same time, it is necessary to frequently observe the liquid condition and replenish the hydraulic oil in time according to the actual situation. If the high-voltage generator is interfered by dust, it will be damaged. Therefore, dust-proof devices must be installed in all parts to keep it in good working condition.
In addition, it is often necessary to check the oil filter signal light generated by the water jet high pressure, so that its corresponding role can be played smoothly. In short, if there is no problem with the high-pressure generator, the probability of failure of the water jet will also be clearly controlled.