How to increase the cutting speed of the waterjet cutting machine?

The waterjet cutting machine has many characteristics due to the advanced waterjet cutting technology, such as smooth and flat cutting surface, high precision, environmental protection and pollution-free, etc., so it can be applied to many industries. For manufacturers, the improvement of cutting efficiency can greatly increase the production volume of products, so the cutting rate of waterjet cutting machines is also critical. So, do you know how to increase the cutting speed of the waterjet cutting machine in use? Next, follow the editor to find out.

1. Set the appropriate cutting process and data
Generally speaking, waterjet cutting machines need to punch holes before cutting. The punching time depends on the thickness and hardness of the material. When the material is harder or thicker, the dynamic drilling speed will be much faster than the static drilling speed. If the material is not glass, there is no need to reduce the pressure to punch holes, and use a higher pressure to increase the cutting speed. Choosing large gems will also increase water flow and increase cutting speed. In the case of the most demanding speed, the use of a small diameter sand mixing pipe can increase the cutting speed, but the sand mixing pipe will wear faster.

2. Use suitable abrasive sand
Choosing suitable abrasive sand can greatly improve the cutting speed. Generally speaking, abrasive sand with a small mesh can speed up the cutting speed. But the mesh number should not be so small that it jams the sand mixing pipe. For example, the 0.76 sand mixing pipe is not very suitable for 60 mesh abrasive sand.
Three, use nesting software
Using nesting software, you can achieve as much co-edge as possible, reduce punching, and cut in sequence as close as possible to avoid the knife head running back and forth.