Characteristics required in the waterjet production process

Regardless of the waterjet cutting machine or the water jet of any material, it must withstand the high-speed rotation of the cutting machine when it is used for cutting. A good water jet must have strong wear resistance and sharpness to adapt to the frictional force of the object being cut, and at the same time, it must have a certain impact resistance. On the one hand, it will crack when it comes in contact with the object when rotating at high speed. situation.
A piece of good material waterjet should meet the following basic characteristics:

1. Hardness
Generally, the better the material, the higher the hardness achieved by quenching. If ordinary materials are quenched to a high hardness, then the toughness of the water jet will be destroyed and the knife edge will be cracked. Therefore, the quenching hardness of the water jet must be determined by the material. The hardness of the water blade should be much greater than the hardness of the slitting material. Generally, the quenching interval for heat treatment is HRC55-60°.

2. Wear resistance
The wear resistance of the blade is directly proportional to the hardness. The better the waterjet material and the higher the hardness, the better the wear resistance.

3. Heat resistance
Heat resistance means that the steel still maintains the properties of hardness, toughness, strength and wear resistance under the high temperature environment generated at high speed. The red hardness of the steel is usually used to measure the quality of the waterjet. The higher the red hardness, the higher the cutting speed. .