How to calculate the processing error of waterjet cutting machine in the processing

The processing error of the waterjet cutting machine is based on the design of the X-axis and Y-axis, and it also needs to be judged according to the stitching effect of the finished pattern. Therefore, the water jet cutting machine generally starts from the X axis and Y axis to design, and then calculates according to the error of the effect of processing. Judging from the cutting effect of the waterjet cutting machine, it is possible to start to estimate the fineness of the cut, which is determined by the measurement of the scale.

The general practice of waterjet cutting machine machining error experiment is to take three pieces of samples to cut with different sizes, cut under the same conditions, and then measure to compare their results. After processing together, take a few samples, a few cutting patterns, and sieve the finished product, and then splice to find out whether there are gaps, so you can judge whether the processing error is large.

Waterjet cutters generally scrape bubbles separately when screening finished products. Rough selection first, scrape out rough selection carefully, in this process, the size of the parquet is the same. When carrying out this process, the workers will completely float out according to the finished products when splicing the processed patterns, so as to obtain the best possible patterns.

Waterjet cutting machines often encounter many errors during processing, so we need to pay attention to some details. Although the waterjet cutting machine needs to do a good job in the process of working, in the use of waterjet cutting machines, control the processing Errors can satisfy customer requirements.

What we need to do in calculating the error is to ensure the processing quality of our waterjet cutting machine. The processed patterns generally include cutting and splicing. After the pattern is completed, there are still some details that need to be done, such as painting and polishing. Do it well to ensure that the error is small.