Ten important and easily overlooked suggestions in the use of waterjet

In the process of using the waterjet cutting machine, it is often used to reduce some steps in the regular maintenance. The impact may not be obvious in the short term. If you do not pay attention and correct it, it will cause some damage to the water jet. The Xusheng waterjet is prepared for everyone's use. The following points and suggestions that are easily overlooked are listed below:
1. Every time the sand mixing tube is used for about one week, it will continue to be used after rotating forty-five degrees, which will help the average wear of the inner wall of the sand tube and greatly increase the life of the sand mixing tube.
2. When connecting the high-pressure pipe, in order to prevent the high-pressure pipe from leaking, the thread of the high-pressure pipe should be more than three teeth higher than the screw pad.
3. If the water pressure is unstable, it is most likely that there is a problem with the seal. How to determine which side is the problem can actually be touched by hand. Generally speaking, the higher temperature seal is more likely to have problems.
4. Lubricants need to be applied to the seal ring in the supercharger to reduce friction and resistance, and can work stably for a longer time
5. All the threaded parts of the waterjet need to be coated with blue oil, which can prevent the thread from being bitten and facilitate disassembly and maintenance in the future.
6. When installing gemstones and sand mixing pipes, try to install them lightly and do not overtighten them, to prevent the deviation of the water column that is too tight or crush the gemstones or pinch off the sand pipes.
7. The optimal height between the cutting head and the cutting object is between 5-8mm.
8. It is recommended to loosen the thread every two or three days at the connection between the high-pressure cylinder and the low-pressure cylinder head to prevent the high-pressure cylinder and the low-pressure cylinder head from being tightly connected.
9. After skilled operation of waterjet, suitable pressure should be used to cut objects. This will not only reduce efficiency, but also greatly increase the life of accessories.
10. If there is a fault that the operator is not sure about, do not disassemble and repair it without permission. It should be fed back to the manufacturer for professionals to analyze the fault and then guide the repair.