Waterjet parquet processing process

The process of waterjet parquet processing is to input the pattern shape to be processed into the computer of the waterjet cutting machine through the waterjet cutting machine, and then cut through the cutting track scanned by the computer. After the pattern shape is cut, they are spliced together .
Waterjet parquet is very popular in decoration applications. Because of its beautiful patterns, and users can choose their favorite patterns, it is very popular.

The processing steps of waterjet parquet:

1. Pattern making

If you want to produce any kind of pattern, you can make the pattern first. You can take a picture yourself or choose according to the designer's design. Draw the mosaic pattern on the computer and mark the lines of each pattern, and then divide the shapes into numbers according to the order, so that they can be arranged in an orderly manner. Then cut the lines of each pattern separately with a water jet cutter.

2. The trajectory of the mosaic pattern made by the computer

Use a water jet cutting machine to cut, input the pattern to be cut into the water jet cutting machine's computer, scan through the computer and then get the cutting trajectory, and then cut. This is basically an automated operation. What is needed is to check whether the generated cutting trajectory is consistent with the pattern.

3. Splicing pattern

Put the cut shapes in place, and then mark the numbers, put the shapes in steps according to the reserved positions, and let the parts be spliced together. Use a small amount of adhesive to position, and wait until the entire pattern is completed and then stick together.

4. Polishing and polishing

Use some polishing tools to polish the edges of the glued pattern to make the back flat. The pattern cut by a general waterjet cutter will have some burrs, which need to be smoothed to make it seamless.