Four skills involved in waterjet repair

As a high-efficiency cutting machine, waterjet has many problems, and waterjet repair is also a knowledge. If you do not master it, not only will it not solve the problem, but it may also cause new problems, which is very disadvantageous for waterjet of. The following are some waterjet repair techniques after the occurrence of conventional problems, mainly including four aspects.
1. Reasonable use of water for waterjet repair skills

     The main working medium of the waterjet is water, which can be fully used after the cutting work is completed, so as not to cause waste and increase costs. But we should remind everyone that the reuse of water has a prerequisite, and it must be re-filtered and meet the quality standards.

2. Reasonable use of sand pipes for waterjet repair techniques

     The sand tube equipped on the waterjet has a certain life cycle. It can neither be replaced prematurely nor used all the time, which will affect the cutting accuracy and accuracy. Since the service life of the sand tube is related to many factors, such as the method of use, installation skills, the type of abrasive sand and its own quality, etc., the replacement cycle must be determined after comprehensive consideration.