Points to be ignored in waterjet cutting

Generally speaking, the greater the cutting pressure, the faster the cutting speed and the higher the efficiency. However, the greater pressure will inevitably cause the increased energy consumption of the high-pressure generation system. When the pressure is too high, the convergence of the jet jet will become poor The efficiency of waterjet cutting is reduced; the pressure drop is small. Although the energy consumption is reduced, the cutting speed is slower and the efficiency is reduced. If the pressure is lowered, "jet flooding" may even occur.
Therefore, the waterjet cutting machine manufacturers must adjust the pressure to an appropriate range before cutting, so that the energy consumption can improve the cutting efficiency as much as possible on the basis of not too large. It can produce a thermal effect when cutting, and it is not easy to deform. There is no slag, no corrosion, and the medium used is water and natural abrasives, no matter whether it is a cutting product or the product itself, it will not cause harm, everyone can use it with confidence. There is also the method of cooling cutting, which can improve the efficiency of the work and reduce a lot of unnecessary time!

Points that can not be ignored in waterjet cutting

1. In the process of cutting the workpiece, the operator and unrelated personnel should keep a certain distance from the equipment.

2. For smaller and lighter workpieces, fixed measures should be taken to prevent the cutting from moving in the process.

3. To ensure that the workpiece to be cut has been placed flat, to avoid damage to the cutting sand tube, causing accidents.

4. If it is found that the workpiece is impacted during the cutting process, it is forbidden to use other objects to correct it.

5. In the process of taking material and changing the nozzle, be sure to turn off the high-pressure water switch, or turn off the high pressure, and then operate after the remaining high-pressure water is removed.

6. When using waterjet cutting, different pressures should be selected according to different materials for operation.

7. In the process of using waterjet, pay attention to the working seal of the waterjet supercharger and high-pressure pipe.

8. During an emergency power outage, high-pressure water will remain in the high-pressure system. Once the power is called, the remaining high-pressure water will be sprayed out. Therefore, do not approach the cutting head at this time. After reconnecting the power, you need to remove the remaining high-pressure water. except.