How accurate is waterjet cutting?

The popularity of waterjet cutting is much higher than we thought, mainly because of whether it is cutting material or cutting quality, water cutting is the best choice in many cutting processes. Not to mention others, but the cutting accuracy is much higher than that of flame and plasma cutting, so that it can better complete high-precision cutting operations.
Since the water cutting machine is not a precision machining machine, the accuracy cannot be marked, and it is not known how high accuracy it can achieve. Of course, there must be corresponding data in this area to prove that, for example, when the water cutting machine cuts a sheet of less than 10mm, it only needs to control the cutting speed and compensation properly, and the cutting error can be controlled within + -0.1mm.

This is actually very high accuracy, which is incomparable with other cutting methods. Of course, the actual cutting accuracy is also related to the cutting thickness. As long as it does not exceed the specified range, the use of water cutting machines can get good results. Cutting effect.