Many benefits of increasing pressure on waterjet cutters

Many people choose waterjet cutting machine, on the one hand to improve the cutting effect, and on the other hand to save time and materials, so only high pressure can be used to achieve this purpose. In addition to saving time and materials, the use of higher pressures reduces water and electricity usage compared to typical pressure water cutting equipment.
        After years of development, the waterjet cutting machine technology has made rapid progress, and the waterjet cutting machine has been widely used in various processing processes because it has become a reliable cutting tool. In fact, the waterjet cutting machine is constantly changing in addition to its reliability and pressure.

       Because in the waterjet cutting technology, the higher pressure it generates can reduce its operating cost continuously. The higher the power of the abrasive material in the water jet, the cutting equipment can cut at a higher speed than the pressure unit of 60,000psi. At the same time, the abrasive material used can be reduced accordingly, because higher material speed can improve the ability of metal cutting.

        However, the higher the pressure of the waterjet cutting machine's pump, the greater the stress required by the internal components. The solution to these powerful new system problems is to strengthen the system pipelines, fasteners, seals and other internal components. Care and maintenance.

         Therefore, the technology used in these waterjet high-pressure cutting equipment will become the common technology used in all kinds of machinery. Long-life pipelines and fast connection interfaces will become standard, which will help extend the maintenance interval of water cutting equipment. .