How to precisely adjust the waterjet cutting pressure?

With the popularization of waterjet cutting equipment, because waterjet cutting machines have many cutting advantages, people in the cutting and processing industry now use waterjets as their own cutting machine tools, but many people use waterjets for a long time. When cutting is performed under the same pressure, few people will reasonably adjust the pressure of the waterjet for different materials and different situations. The material of each cutting board is different, so the cutting pressure required when cutting with a water knife is also different. Below I will give a simple example and explain why when we use a water knife to cut, we need to Different, different thickness, etc.), reasonable adjustment of the cutting pressure of the waterjet.
Waterjets cut materials by applying high-pressure water jets to pressurize the water. The appropriate cutting pressure of waterjets is also different for materials of different hardness and thickness. For example, when cutting general stone, the stone used for parquet is generally marble. The hardness is not very high. The pressure of the waterjet is preferably about 220MPa to 250Mpa. And if you want to cut metal materials of the same thickness, the pressure of the waterjet must reach 350MPa to 380MPa, and garnet can be added to cut. So why can't the pressure of cutting metal be used for cutting stone? Waterjet is a mechanical product. The mechanical operation has its own speed. No matter how easy the material is, the speed of cutting is also limited. The greater the pressure of the waterjet, the greater the cost consumption. The cost here includes a series of problems such as electricity bills, loss of machine wearing parts, and so on.

So if only one kind of material is cut, is it possible not to change the cutting pressure? Indeed, if only one kind of material is cut, the pressure can be adjusted to a suitable range in the beginning, and there is no need to make adjustments.

However, waterjets, cars, etc. are all machinery. Those who drive know that driving in a certain speed range for a long time is also harmful to the car. Therefore, occasionally, it is necessary to adjust the pressure appropriately to protect the machine. There is only a small amount of adjustment here, and the protection of the machine is far greater than the loss.