Maintenance and troubleshooting of water cutting machine platform

1. The waterjet cutting platform should always be filled with lubricant for linear guides, ball screws, nut supports, etc. In principle, the machine needs to be filled manually once every 2 hours of continuous work.

    2. Need to fill the oil pump frequently, so that the oil level is not lower than the minimum oil level mark.
    3. Abrasive sand and corner material deposited in the water tank need to be removed regularly, at least once a month.
    4. The industrial control machine is best to be used as a special machine for water cutting machine. The hard disk must have enough space to install anti-virus software to meet the needs of cutting complex parts.
    5. It is necessary to protect the connection cables between the electric control box and the cutting platform and the high-voltage generator. It is strictly forbidden to pedal or squeeze them. The cables must be placed in the metal cable trunking.
    6. It is necessary to replace the spur bar frequently to affect the cutting accuracy.
    7. Frequently oil the drain valve of the water tank to prevent the valve from rusting.
    8. The sand storage container should be kept dry. If the input sand pipe and tank enter water due to the return water, the sand in the sand storage container and pipeline must be completely removed, and then dried and filled with dry fresh sand.
    9. After working every day, the site must be cleaned up for safe and civilized production.