What are the advantages of waterjet cutting

UHP water cutting technology has become the world's fastest-growing machine tool technology with its acclaimed power, speed and versatility.
   Manufacturers have applied ultra-high pressure water cutting to their production, increasing efficiency and productivity. Today, water cutting can quickly and accurately cut everything from food and paper to composites, steel and even rare metals.

With waterjet technology you can feel:
· Stronger cutting ability
    Easily cut any material for a variety of applications
    Cold working method, no thermal effect, no mechanical deformation
    Cut materials from 1 / 16in (1mm) to 8in (200mm) into any shape in one step
    Pure water jet can quickly cut various soft materials, such as rubber, cork, foam, etc.
    Pure water jet mode switched to abrasive water jet mode in less than two minutes
    The abrasive waterjet can cut all kinds of hard materials, such as metal, stone, plastic, composite materials, glass and stone, etc.
· Reduce material and production costs
    Very few fixtures and machining requirements
    The cutting is precise and the edges are neat, which can meet the requirements of tight typesetting. Reduce waste generation while increasing profits and productivity
Green technologies and complementary processes
    Waterjet can be used in production as other cutting methods, such as wire cutting, laser, milling and plasma complementary technology
    Although each workshop has its own unique cutting process requirements, most will find that waterjets increase their productivity and increase profits
    Waterjet cutting is free of dust, toxic gases and other gas impurities, and does not produce any toxic substances