What should be paid attention to during waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting is a metal that uses ultra-high pressure water jets as the medium to cut. Its strong cutting ability and cutting adaptability are the main aspects that attract consumers. You know, waterjet cutting is also a non-thermal effect process, which will not only cause deformation, but also get a smooth cutting surface.

As an ultra-high-pressure device, the waterjet itself is strictly sealed and protected against high pressure for safety reasons. However, in actual application, the operator must also keep in mind the details of safe use to avoid malfunctions such as failure.
The waterjet cutting process mainly relies on the movement of the CNC cantilever or the gantry to drive the movement of the cutting head. Therefore, do not approach the CNC cantilever to avoid being accidentally injured. Similarly, avoid the presence of interference around the cantilever of the waterjet, which will affect the cutting quality.

For the entire waterjet, the waterjet head is the outlet of the high-pressure water. It is the part that directly interacts with the material during cutting. Therefore, it must be ensured that the cutting material has been placed flat, otherwise the cutting sand tube will be damaged easily. High-pressure water leaks, causing personal injury.

When the waterjet cutting is completed, remember to turn off the high-pressure water switch first, or turn off the high-pressure, and then take the material. Especially during an emergency power failure, high-pressure water will remain in the high-pressure system. Once an incoming call is received, the remaining high-pressure water will be ejected, so do not approach the cutting head at this time. After turning on the power of the waterjet again, the remaining high-pressure water needs to be removed for normal operation.

High-pressure pipes and superchargers are also very critical devices for waterjets, but they are also wearing parts and easily cause high-pressure water leakage. Therefore, it is necessary to replace its sealing assembly at regular intervals in accordance with the instructions for use. At the same time, choosing a reasonable water cutting method is also the basis for ensuring the smooth completion of the waterjet cutting process.