do you know? Waterjets also have a break-in period?

Waterjet is a popular cutting machine tool in the cutting processing industry in recent years, but many users find that it doesn't take long to buy a waterjet, or if it is just a few days after the problem, some people think It is the waterjet manufacturer that screamed. In fact, there are generally two reasons for this situation. One is that the waterjet manufacturers really have problems. The machine tools they manufacture do not meet the standard and the quality is poor. The other is the problems caused by the improper use of the waterjet. Speaking of it, many people may not believe it. In fact, waterjets and mechanical products such as automobiles have the same running-in period.

Friends who have cars and motorcycles know that the cars and motorcycles just bought back have a running-in period. During the running-in period, both the driving speed and the maintenance of it must be more careful than during the normal period. Waterjet is actually a reason. When the waterjet is just bought back, there is a running-in period. During this period, the maintenance of the waterjet must be done according to the manufacturer's requirements. In addition, during the waterjet running-in period, try not to use the maximum pressure for cutting processing. During the use of the waterjet, pay more attention to the various reactions that occur during the waterjet cutting process, and deal with it once there are some minor problems. There is one more thing to remind everyone here. After purchasing a waterjet, general waterjet manufacturers will have a training on waterjet installation, teach users how to replace some consumables of the waterjet and some simple parts installation, and deal with some simple Small problem with waterjet. This kind of training is not considered important by many users. Anyway, the technical staff of the waterjet manufacturer will solve the problem, but you must know that no matter how fast the waterjet manufacturer responds, it takes time to understand the problem and come to the door. The last delay is the user's time. Therefore, it is best to solve some minor problems on your own. There is nothing to lose or lose in this respect. The delay is to delay the production progress, and it is still you who suffer the most.

Finally, the other reason mentioned at the beginning is the cause of the waterjet manufacturer's own production. This requires everyone to have some understanding of all aspects of the manufacturer when buying a waterjet. Don't just listen to the manufacturer. How about yourself, you should be aware of this point and price, and you must not covet the cheap price.