Machining Technology of Waterjet

In order to reduce costs better, engineers and manufacturers continue to explore, now waterjet can effectively reduce costs and create greater profits. Therefore, it is necessary to learn more application technology of waterjet in order to use the lowest cutting cost to create greater profits.

A kind of In terms of cutting cost, water cutter processing industry is considered to be the most versatile and fast growing industry. In addition to the above, water cutter is currently one of the most productive machines in the world. It is superior to other processing technologies, such as flame cutting, plasma processing, laser processing, EDM, turning, milling and shaving. Work, etc. At the same time, water cutting will not produce harmful gas or liquid, will not generate heat on the surface of the workpiece, it is truly multi-functional, efficient, cold cutting processing.

A kind of
Waterjet cutting shows that it can do some other simple process can not be completed, it can punch on titanium, can cut various patterns on stone or glass, which shows the unique characteristics of waterjet itself. It does not generate heat when cutting material. In this cold processing, the supersonic water arrow produced by it can achieve ideal effect when cutting material surface. The mixing of water and sand enhances its cutting ability.