Why Choose Water Jet Cutting

Why customers should choose a water jet cutting service, if all the methods could reach cutting material for manufacturing purposes? Every measure has its positive and negative characteristics as the modern technology, including the water jet cutting process, the positives outweigh its negatives significantly. That is reason why water jet cutting services is becoming more and more popular in the industrial field.

Like heat intensive processes, laser cutting and plasma cutting, waterjet cutting machinery is able to do the same types of precise cutting and shaping of materials into products. What is more, water jet cutting is more preferable than other method as its traits, creating soft, round edges instead of sharp and dangerous ones, which is only one of its positive characteristics. Also, small alterations to the water jet equipment allow a variety of jet strengths to compensate for the texture and sensitivity of the material being cut. For example, high powered jets, such as high pressure water cutting machines may be utilized to precisely and cleanly slice through metals such as titanium while gentler jets work effectively for glass, wood and ceramics. Other benefits include the lack of warping or discoloration due to excessive amounts of heat affecting the material’s structure and numerous pieces can be cut for mass production at once, because it is a cold cutting process. Water jet cutting can be much more efficient then other cutting processes and produce a better product more quickly.

The final calculation of investment in water jet machining services and another way is recycle, saving energy and cutting costs. About water, as the water used by waterjet cutting is able to collection and reusing again and again, it makes waterjet cutting very saving energy and source. Another one is it is a fairly safe process for employees as long as they do not interfere with the flow. No poisonous gas will be produced by water jet cutting method.