Cutting Vegetables

When people typically think of cutting food, they picture a knife. This is what most use in homes as they are easily available and it is not difficult to do. However in food processing, where numerous items need to be cut over and over and over… knife cutting can get very tiring, very quickly. Not to mention the fact that it is a slightly dirty method because it could transfer bacteria from one item to another. This is why a new method has been gaining popularity, mainly water jet cutting.

According to the website waterjetapw.comwater jet cutting is a hygienic, environmentally friendly and efficient way to cut various items. Its popularity is growing in many food industries from cutting vegetables to snack bars. It has been used on fish, meat, fruits, vegetables and pastries. When working with these various food groups it is always a good idea to wash the knives in between, however with the hydro cutter, this step can be skipped. As long as the water is clean, the process will be even cleaner than if a knife was used.

Another great aspect of this method is the simple way the water can be recycled. Normally with knives they will begin to wear down with time, while this might be numerous years in the home, at a heavy food processing center it might be only a handful of years or less. Instead of taking the time and money to sharpen or replace them, the water simply filters back through and is used endlessly. This cuts down on costs for the company, and the hazards that can arise with knifes. However, workers still need to be careful around the water jet cutters, because those could do harm as well. Luckily they are harder to leave around and can be computer programmed so they are a little safer.